About Us

With 95 years of service as military, law enforcement, and firefighters combined between the founders of WAYS Energy… the stressors of our unique lives are more than apparent.  We have experienced this type of life and some of us continue to do so. We have deployed. We have dealt with the family issues, the arguments, the constant changes, the tight finances, lost brothers and sisters, and everything else that most people never see. We have Fathers, Mothers, Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers, Children and other family members, as well as friends, who serve in different WAYS as Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Frontline Medical Workers.  They all deal with very similar issues. We would like to help.


It will take time to get to where we want to be, but with your support, we can make it a reality.  Right out of the gate… we would like to pledge 10% of our profits to the Gary Sinise Foundation. The Gary Sinise Foundation shares our love and commitment to helping our great nation’s Veterans and First Responders. They have proven what they are willing to commit to the cause and we will be honored to financially back them as a way to give back. In the future, once we get off the ground, we would like to begin offering jobs and assistance directly to members of our community to help with transitioning back to civilian life. We hope to be able to offer temporary or long-term employment complete with benefits, counseling support, and a familiar work environment. One of the largest issues with Veterans and First Responders is the transition back to civilian life. We will strive to become that middle ground for our Brothers and Sisters.


It takes a little extra energy sometimes for Veterans and First Responders to keep going and have the drive they need to be who we need them to be. We will be providing a great tasting energy drink with zero sugar, plenty of caffeine, electrolytes, no artificial coloring, and great flavor. Please consider supporting us by buying our product. Supporting and sharing our story on social media and telling everyone you know about us. Our mission is built right into the name. WAYS means: We Appreciate Your Service and Sacrifice. Give us a chance to show you all the WAYS we can help.